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M2M framework simple and ready to use

do-Dots is the framework we offer to our customers to ease the management and development of automation and communication systems.

do-Dots is based on a common, readable and high level protocol that connects various components with simple and very specific functions: protocol translation, data transfer, logics execution, graphics interface.

To whom is it addressed

  • Small-sized but innovative hardware manufacturers who wish to have high connectivity quickly and easily.
  • Project developers and System Integrators who wish to minimize time and effort needed to deliver functioning systems.
  • Mobile apps developers that don't have time to develop the back end.
  • Remote services and control suppliers.
  • Home automation systems manufacturers.
  • Vending machines and leisure machines manufacturers.
  • Multimedia systems manufacturers.
  • Robots and special vehicles manufacturers.
  • Hobbysts and DIY automation enthusiasts.
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