do-Dots - a list of features from the M2M framework

  • Dot selection

    Ready to use components

    The framework already contains several components and protocols ready to use. You develop just what is missing.

  • do-Dots JSON protocol

    A common protocol

    The communication protocol is clean, light, readable and open. The syntax is based on JSON, so it is very easy to find parsers for every programming language.

  • do-Dots Live Data Service

    Remote connection

    Every do-Dots network can be connected to a telemetry service in order to monitor, log or share information.

  • Scaddle for iPad

    Graphical Client

    Scaddle is a graphical client designed for the consumer. Clean, friendly, easy to use. Runs on multiple platforms.

  • do-Dots SDK


    Following the protocol specifications, it is possible to write do-Dots components with every programming language. Our SDK, however, helps you with a full set of classes. Free.

  • Arduino powered by do-Dots


    do-Dots connects components that are very different in terms of complexity and size. From server-side applications, to scripts, to microcontrollers.

  • Hardware

    It does not require a specific hardware

    do-Dots is software. There are no boards or boxes to install to make your system work. If your hardware can make do-Dots run, your hardware is the platform.

  • do-Dots components

    Don't throw away your code

    Have you got some legacy code, a user interface, a proprietary protocol ? You don't have to throw it away. This framework is designed to complete your system, not to replace it.

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