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do-Dots Live Data is a product that eases the remote connection of systems. It does not require a specific hardware. The software component runs on very simple microcontrollers, and a standard modem can be able to ensure communication.

Let us take care of the server side, with an application that allows you to store and edit variables and commands related to your system. Depending on your needs and the size of your market, we have a differentiated level of service.


  • Dedicated server

    Dedicated server

    The option of a dedicated server for each system allows to get better performance and security for your project.

  • do-Dots Live Data Service

    Easy management

    do-Dots Live Data allows to create multiple nodes, reuse setups, manage groups of users with different categories and access permissions.

  • do-Dots Live Data Service


    Every single machine access page can be completely customized. Additional options include a completely 'white label' product, with your logo and theme.

  • do-Dots Live Data Service


    Communication procotol takes advantage of a SSL connection. It is not possible to implement this protocol on machines, it is still possible to encrypt data or protect communication with token and timestamp options.


  • Option for dedicated server, for better performance and security.
  • User management, with categories and access permissions.
  • Easy management of multiple machines, setups, installations.
  • Different API levels that can ben implemented even on very simple boards.
  • Storage of variables, logs, events, channels.
  • Web access pages.
  • Remote systems can send and receive commands.
  • Alarm notification.
  • Backup, import, export of data and setup.
  • Service available as subscription.
  • Option for protocol and security customization.
  • Option for domain, logo, web pages customization.

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